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Do not throw anything away! Discover the surplus kitchen

At Montsià rice we propose you tips and tricks to go to the kitchen of use.

When you cook it is important not to waste ingredients or throw excess food. There are thousands of ideas and tricks to take advantage of your recipes and not waste any food. Discover them!

What is the surplus kitchen?

The surplus kitchen is a growing trend in recent years, and we love it. It is a philosophy that is gradually entering inside the kitchens of our consumers and consists of taking advantage of the remaining food parts.

Thus, we do not throw away the food that can be used perfectly for other recipes. In addition, the surplus kitchen is not only to cook with food scraps that we have not used, also to learn to give a return to cooked food and thus prepare other recipes.

Ideas for a surplus kitchen with ingredients

Do you have to cook fish? We recommend cutting fish loins into small pieces to benefit them and cook different dishes. An easy example is adding tomato sauce and broth to make a delicious fish soup; bathe the fish with lemon juice to prepare ceviche or improvise a paella.

Many times, we do not know what to do with half of the vegetables. We put them in the fridge until they rot, and we end up throwing them away. To benefit vegetables, the quickest way is to add lettuce and prepare a salad or mix the vegetables with onion to cook a homemade sauce. And what can we do with fruits? If they are too ripe, you can prepare a fruit jam for breakfast.

Meat can also be used. Cut up the leftover pieces and use them to make a Mexican taco with a little rice. This way you will have a quick and complete dinner.

Ideas for a surplus kitchen with leftovers

Sometimes we overcook because we miscalculate the portions or because we cook hungry. You can take advantage of the leftovers and enjoy delicious meals.

If you have rice left over, you can prepare the famous Arancini. These rice balls remind us of croquettes, but the main difference between the two dishes is that the first always has rice and is complemented with meat, vegetables, or fish.

Other perfect dishes to cook leftover rice can be main dishes such as Cuban rice, rice salad or rice cake, a very easy recipe to prepare and ideal for this summer.

Whatever main dish you cook, remember that you can always give it a second chance. Discover the surplus kitchen!

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