Hi, I am Monti

I am a Montsià rice grain. And I come from the lands of the Ebro Delta to talk to you about the importance of rice in healthy eating.

Aprende con Monti Arroz Montsia

Did you know that my rice ancestors have been feeding civilizations on earth for about 7,000 years?

Aprende con Monti Arroz Montsia

Did you know that to get a grain of rice as nice and tasty as me it takes a year of work?

Aprende con Monti Arroz Montsia

Did you know that I have familiar rice dishes, but different from me, in China, India, Africa, America...?

Aprende con Monti Arroz Montsia

Did you know that rice is one of the staples of the planet thanks to its high nutritional value and its healthy properties?

Monti Chef Recetas arroz montsia

Every year more children learn with Monti

To help mentors and teachers guide their students on good eating habits, we have created the Healthy Eating in Schools Program.

A fun and educational activity that has reached more than 180,000 children in eleven years, since it began.
And more and more schools are getting involved in the proposal.

Send us an email to gestio@montsia.es

Doctor Monti Recetas arroz montsia

How fun it is to paint and learn with Monti!

Ebook Monti

Coloring is a very fun activity that stimulates children's psychomotricity and creativity.
“Les Aventures d’en Monti” is an original book for children to play and discover the landscapes and the world of rice in the Ebro Delta.


To download the book you have to be Montsià Lover. If you are not already, you can register here.

Don't miss the movie of Monti

Video Delta

Would you like to know more about Monti and the rice cultivation process in the Ebro Delta?
In this video you will discover why the rice is an essential food in the world, you will meet Monti's ancestors, and you’ll taste delicious rice recipes.


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