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Healthy menu for back to school

We bring you the healthy menu to return to school with a balanced and complete diet.

It's time to go back to school after the holidays! Now is the time to organize meals and establish healthy routines and habits so that children enjoy school and start it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Lack of foresight is one of the main causes of poor infant nutrition. It is important to organize all the meals of the week to avoid filling the refrigerator with unhealthy foods or eating ready-made meals.

The fridge and pantry always have to have some key foods that will help you get out of the way: rice, vegetables, eggs, sardines with olive oil or fruits are some healthy foods with a lot of nutrients.

Healthy foods for good nutrition

The main challenge of any family when preparing a menu is that it be complete and balanced. The guide that we propose is composed exclusively of healthy recipes for children and designed in such a way that they can eat in a diverse and complete way.

Also, when you sometimes lack ideas or find it difficult to organize, having a weekly menu template will help you and make it much easier.

We propose a menu in which each lunch and dinner follows the structure of the Healthy Montiplate: half of the plate should be made of vegetables, a quarter of carbohydrates and the other quarter of foods rich in protein.

Another suggestion is to always offer to drink water before taking any other drink. Avoid concentrated juices or soft drinks! And let them choose between a serving of fruit, natural nuts or a dairy for desserts.

Healthy menu back to school

You already know that our goal is to try to get the whole family to eat healthily but with easy and homemade recipes made from local products.

Remember that if your children eat at school, you should combine the school menu with the one at home.


Lunch: Gazpacho / Beef with tomato / Fruit
Dinner: Cream of vegetables / Omelette / Yogurt

Lunch: Lentil salad / Grilled salmon / Yogurt
Dinner: Homemade ham and cheese dumplings / Fruit

Lunch: Asparagus cream / Baked tuna / Yogurt
Dinner: Baked chicken croquettes with green salad / Fruit

Lunch: Pasta salad / Grilled hamburger / Yogurt with nuts
Dinner: Grilled hake with asparagus / Fruit

Lunch: Mushroom risotto / Chicken breast / Fruit smoothie
Dinner: Artisan pizza with ham and cheese / Yogurt

Lunch: Creamy spinach / Cod burger / Rice pudding
Dinner: Tomato salad and grilled loin / Fruit salad

Lunch: Peas with ham / Meatloaf / Yogurt
Dinner: Vegetable lasagna / Fruit

With this base, you can now do and undo as you please. So they can enjoy a return to school full of energy.

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