Arroz Montsià

Our monovarietal rice with native seeds.


Olesa is a long-grain variety that we make with great care and dedication at ours cooperative Càmara Arrossera del Montsià.

mapa arroces monovarietales
Calidad Arroz Montsia

How is the grain of the Olesa variety? 
Long grain variety LB, Indica type.
Dimensions between 6 mm in length and 2 mm in width.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

How do we grow the Olesa variety? 
It is a variety with a very short cycle of 130 days, and its harvest is considerably ahead of the rest of the varieties.
Presents a good birth and high level of godson.
It is very resistant to fungi, both pyricularia and helmitosporium. As it does not require as many treatments, it is more sustainable.
It also has a high productive potential and yield of whole grains in the mill.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

And in the kitchen, what does it bring us? 
It has a high content of amylose,> 24%, which makes it never pass.
Its grain is loose and shiny once it has finished cooking.
The excellent quality and homogeneity of the grains provide greater flavor absorption capacity

Montsià Long Rice is a specialty made exclusively with the native Olesa seed. As it is a monovarietal and Extra category rice, with a high percentage of homogeneous large ones, we achieve a better result in our recipes, since all the large ones need the same cooking time.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

Who makes the Olesa variety possible?

These are the names and surnames of the agricultural members of the cooperative who, with their daily effort, make the Montsià Long Rice of the Olesa variety reach your kitchen.

Isabel Casans Arteaga, Pedro Domi Merry del Val Casans, Jose-Manuel Caballe Martí, Andreu Caballe Maigi, S.L. Agro Caballe, Dolores Barbera Caballe, Agustín Arasa Bo, Fernando Sola Balague, Montserrat Lucas Moreno, Jose-Antonio Martínez López, Maria Pilar Reverte Grau, Rosa Rullo Callau, SCP Agrícola Calvet-Duran, Eugenio Fumado Queral, María Carmen Lleti Redo, Daniel Reverte Juani.

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