Arroz Montsià

Sustainable rice by nature 

Caring for and protecting in order to grow

As the secret of our quality is the land and nature itself, for us it is only possible to grow if it is done in a responsible way, caring for and protecting the environment that gives life to all the families of farmers and producers from the Ebro Delta.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

Controlled agriculture techniques
We are a cooperative product and we only use the safest and most sustainable methods to guarantee both your health and that of the environment.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

100% sustainable and recyclable packaging
We do away with plastic packaging to reduce our environmental impact and respect the environment.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

PEFC paper
The forest certification system that guarantees that they are made with products from sustainably managed forests.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

LIFE program of the European Union
We invest in innovation together with the European Union to provide techniques that contribute to the sustainability and maintenance of the ecosystem.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

LIFE Cascarilla
We reuse rice husk as an agricultural by-product for use in the automotive and packaging industries.

Europe rewards our sustainability!

innovacion arroz montsia

At Montsià rice we innovate to convert our rice husk into Oryzite, a sustainable substitute for plastic.

Every time you buy a package of Montsià rice, you contribute to replacing plastic on the planet thanks to Oryzite, a new sustainable material that we produce from our cooperative from the same husk that we extract from rice grains.

For this reason, Europe has awarded our green initiative with one of the most recognized awards in cooperativism and innovation.

More advantages of Oryzite production in our cooperative:

We reduce the impact of CO2, the carbon footprint.

We minimize energy consumption.

We promote the circular economy: fewer resources, less waste.

With the sustainable rice husk cup,
we make the most of it all

Tupper Tupper

Goodbye to plastic and waste by reusing our crops

Know more

New range of sustainable packaging

Arroz Montsia Sostenibilidad

At Montsià rice we have changed the plastic in our packaging for PEFC paper with forest certification that guarantees that it comes from sustainably managed forests.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

100% sustainable and recyclable.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

They contribute to the maintenance of the ecosystem.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

They collaborate in the conservation of our forests.

Calidad Arroz Montsia

They reduce our environmental footprint

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