Arroz Montsià

Europe rewards our sustainability!

Our cooperative has received the European Award Cooperative for Innovation, one of the most recognized agricultural awards in the European Union.

At Montsià rice we continue to bet on a more sustainable and waste-free world with the implementation and development of different actions such as Oryzite, a R&D project of more than ten years.

Oryzite is a new sustainable material made from the rice husks that our members bring to the cooperative every year and that has the purpose of replacing part of the plastic on the planet and thus reducing the amounts of CO2. It is a revolutionary material that can be applied in different industries such as automotive, packaging, cosmetics, etc. For this reason, by consuming Montsià rice we contribute in a real and direct way to the conservation of the environment and its sustainability.

This project is a clear example of circular economy and bioeconomy, because from the rice husk the use of plastic is reduced by a percentage of up to 85% in order to pack our products with our own husk.

10 years of innovation, a great recognition from the European Union

In Europe there are some 40,000 agricultural cooperatives that support much of the activity of the primary sector. One of the keys to the success of this innovation has been to bring the primary sector closer to the Industrial sector and that is why from the Càmara Arrossera del Montsià we are very proud ato receive the European Award Cooperative for Innovation in the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy category for Oryzite.

The European Award Cooperative for Innovation are the awards organized by Cogeca, agricultural cooperatives representative in the European Union, with the support of the Spanish cooperative bank Cajamar Caja Rural.

This award recognizes that the cultivation of our rice and our work is not only beneficial for the farmer, also for the environment. In addition, having the support of Cogeca and the European Union gives us more confidence to continue believing that we are on the right track.

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