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Montsià Rice uses its rice husks to replace plastic

At Montsià Rice we continue working on sustainability. We have created a new material with our rice husk that allows the replacement of plastic.

Our stated goal was to reduce the use and waste of plastics by replacing a new material. Oryzite, the name given to this material made from our rice, is the result of ten years of research.

What are the benefits of replacing plastic with rice husks?

This new material is compatible with a variety of production processes. In addition, can be used to manufacture packaging, bags or pallets, so it can be included in many fields, such as the automotive world, furniture or textiles.

The use of this innovative material can reduce manufacturer's production time and energy consumption. In addition, it can reduce the use and waste of plastic and greenhouse gases. It is a lighter material and requires less time and temperature to manufacture..

It is essential to take measures to minimize the impact on the environment, so we seek to further strengthen our commitment to protect the planet through new research and developments.

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