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Eat well this spring to face the change of season

Now that we are about to leave winter behind and a new season is on the horizon, we want to invite you to enter spring with energy and good feelings!

Here are some nutrition ideas for spring, all of them made with local ingredients to promote sustainability. Easy-to-prepare meals that we have compiled and that we propose as a way to face the change of season.
The base we have chosen for its preparation is quality rice, an indispensable food in your balanced diet.
Have you ever thought about why rice is so widely consumed all over the world? It is not a coincidence but proof that, thanks to rice, many people around the world have had access to an indispensable, nutritious and healthy food source. That is why, we are giving prominence to this complete and delicious food in our proposals for food for springtime. Here you will find the best rice recipes, which also incorporate local products.

Our spring nutrition proposal: proximity and sustainability

Taking care of our planet and adopting a healthy lifestyle based on local gastronomy is not only possible, but a combination in which everything is positive!

● Natural and balanced food following the Mediterranean diet.
● Activation of sectors of the local economy.
● A very strong commitment to local products and the sustainability of the territory.
The spring nutrition we suggest brings together all these very positive aspects. One representative example, worthy of mention, is the awarding of a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) for our rice cooperative, for coming up with a sustainable outlet for the hulls of our rice.

The result is called Oryzite, an environmentally friendly substitute for plastic. Well, if you like this, you will love this selection of good food.

Poké Bowls, recipes that contribute to good nutrition in springtime

If you have not yet discovered the Poké Bowls rice recipes, visit this link, you will love the ideas.

To begin with, the recipes are based on the different local rice dishes from the Delta, all of which are of extraordinary quality. Next, the rice is accompanied by products that provide macronutrients such as meat, fish or legumes. Finally, they also incorporate the right amount of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and lettuce. In fact, the variety is enormous and all dishes are open to your personal touch- a real pleasure for the senses!
You will see that all the preparations provide carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals in a suitable balance. Therefore, they are ideal to combat the typical tiredness of spring, which can cause physical and emotional exhaustion. Here are three Poké Bowls to enjoy good food while taking care of your health. 

A bowl full of local products and our rice as the base. 

Take good note of this Bomba rice recipe recipe because it is ideal for your nutrition in spring. It is called Delta Poké of rice, carrot, asparagus, mushrooms and Sriracha mayonnaise.
You can see that the ingredients are products that you can find in our home markets. Remember that, like all these healthy proposals, it is a complete dish to enjoy at home or at work. Fast and healthy.
Carrots are excellent for eyesight, and eaten raw they have a lower glycemic index. On the other hand, asparagus and mushrooms are a rich source of magnesium and potassium. To dress the dish we suggest an exotic Sriracha mayonnaise, but you can use any other sauce, of course.

Rice, beans and local butifarra sausage, the protagonists of this recipe.

We continue with a bowl of rice that goes by this name: Delta Poké Bowl with rice, sausage, white beans, tomato and mushrooms. With this combination, you get the great amount of protein provided by the legume and the meat.

It also allows you to make a single dish, which is always very practical in the daily routine. In addition, tomatoes will look after your lungs and mushrooms are rich in minerals that activate the body's functions.

The butifarra sausage and beans are of Catalan inspiration. Try making little balls with its meat, this sausage will have an original touch, cooked in a paella!

Rice and mussels: two Delta ingredients

Its name is a statement of good food: Delta Poké Bowl of rice, grilled pineapple, leeks, avocado, mussels and sweet and sour sauce. We want to encourage you to consume this mollusk from the "Terres de l'Ebre" which is so healthy and balanced. You should know that it is very rich in protein and healthy fats. Also, did you know that it is a very low calorie food? Take advantage of it and eat a good portion!

Rice, as in all the previous suggestions, will provide energy to combat seasonal fatigue such as asthenia. It also has a very high percentage of B vitamins and folic acid. It will prepare you, therefore, to face the recurrent allergies that will come when everything starts to bloom.

Visit our web to discover all the recipes, and become one of the lovers of our healthy local cuisine!

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