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3 areas in Ebro Delta that you can not miss

The Ebro Delta is one ofthe mostimportant wetlands in Catalonia.That is why we want to show you 3 areas of the Delta that you cannot miss.. 

Currently, the Delta has 320 km of surface and it is considered one of the most important aquatic areas in the Mediterranean.

Ebro Delta Natural Park has a total area of 7.736 ha of which 3.979 correspond to the Montsià region , which has a very important biological role, since it has an extensive variety of wildlife and it is considered one of the richest areas in ora

3 areas in the EbroDelta that you will love 

Buddha island. It is one of the best-preserved wetlands, it is 5km long and it is the largest island in Catalonia. One of its characteristics is that it has a central lagoon and other smaller ones that are the habitat of a great diversity of birds.

Encanyissada lagoon. One of the Delta's attractions is the Encanyissada lagoon, as it is the largest in the area and it is also protected from the Natural Park. It has a large amount of fresh and saltwater vegetation. This area is ideal for bordering it cycling and getting to know the entire Delta ecosystem.

La Tancada lagoon. This is the second largest lagoon in the Ebro Delta, after Encanyissada. You can not miss this area because it is surrounded by wildlife, native vegetation and a large number of viewpoints!

Enjoying bird-watching with the family is one of the perfect plans for children to learn and know how important is the protection of the wildlife and ora of the Delta

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