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Monti teaches you which are the main birds of the Delta

The Ebro Delta is one of the wettest areas on the Mediterranean coast with almost 8.000 hectares of nature reserve and more than 350 bird species. 

In the Ebro Delta you can bird watching during all seasons of the year. Now in winter, you will find a large number of birds especially in humid areas as it serves as a resting and breeding place. 

Do you know which are the main birds that inhabit this area?

Near Amposta and Sant Carles de la Ràpita ducks live like the common shelduck, while at the mouth of the Ebro river you can observe the famous amingos or Audouin's gulls.
  • Audouin's gull. This seagull is relatively large, since it measures about 50 length cm. Its white plumage on the head and neck highlights and, also, the grey colour of its wings. Normally, Audouin's gull feeds mostly on fishes, like sardines and anchovies and sometimes take crustaceans or mollusks.
  • Common flamingo. It is one of the most representative birds of the Delta. The common flamingo stands out for its pink plumage and its large dimensions, since they can measure up to 1,5 meters high. Its curved beak has small blades that allow feeding on algae, worms and crustaceans.
  • Common shelduck. It is one of the birds that is halfway between a duck and a goose. The common shelduck has small dimensions and with a black and white plumage. It stands out because it is one of the birds that performs perfectly both in a terrestrial environment and in an aquatic one. Their feeding, like most of the Delta birds, is based on mollusks, small crabs and shrimp. 
  • Common bittern. It is one of the hardest to see birds in the Delta due to its brown plumage. This allows the bittern to camouage itself perfectly. But, his song is very characteristic, since it is kind of a bellow. These sounds are usually manifested especially on spring nights, their mating season.

Enjoying bird watching as a family is one of the perfect plans for the little ones to learn to identify the different species that inhabit the Delta and to be aware of the protection and conservation of birds.

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