Arroz Montsià

The rice festival is begining,the Plantada has arrived

June arrives and that means the Feast of La Plantada de l'Arròs begins, one of the most characteristic celebrations of the Delta. 

In 2001 this popular festival was created in order to promote one of the most characteristic ingredients of the area: rice. There are many populations that have joined and adapted the Plantada de l’Arròs; Amposta, for example, is one of the municipalities that carries out this celebration.

The purpose of this celebration is to recover the most indigenous culture of the Delta de l’Ebre. Starting recreations, the ebrencs show how this agricultural work was carried out in the 19th century. With different staging, attendees are taught how the rice planters were organized and what were the different jobs that were carried out during this growing cycle period.

The celebration of the Plantada de l’Arròs begins with the peasant entrance in the rice crops. Inside the rice crops they teach, in detail, how tasks were performed in the past, for later attendees can practice the process of planting.

The fest continues with crafts, games for the children, traditional music and dances from the Delta (la jota) and popular food.

The tradition and history of the Delta, same as in Harvest Fest, they gather at the Plantada de l'Arròs. A perfect celebration for the little ones and not so little ones to discover the effort and dedication of the farmers when growing this mythical cereal. 

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