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4 foods with natural probiotics to improve your intestinal flora

Natural probiotics are living microorganisms that we can find naturally in many foods to improve our intestinal health.

We usually always associate probiotics with yogurt, but there are many other foods with a large amount of these microorganisms that will provide multiple benets to your microbiota.

The intestinal flora is made up of different bacteria that prevent the development of diseases, strengthen the immune system and help to have less heavy digestions. The main probiotics are Lactobacillus and Bidobacterium and, as we mentioned, they are found in dairy products such as yogurt or cheese, but there are many foods that naturally contain probiotics.

Food with probiotics natural 


Kefir is a dairy product that we want to highlight for its high amount of probiotics. It is a food similar to yogurt, but it is fermented with yeast, making it perfect for digestion and bone health.


The olives, sweet and sour pickles and other pickles, even if they don't seem like it, they are one of the lesser known probiotics. By adding salt, water and vinegar, bacteria and yeast appear so the skin becomes soft and these microorganisms adhere. It is important that the pickles are as natural as possible. 


Miso is a seasoning made from a avoring paste, usually made with soybeans, sea salt and naturally fermented rice with Lactobacillus acidophylus. Its taste is bitter and salty, It is perfect for soups and one of its benets is la purication of toxic substances from the body through the elimination of free radicals.


Kombucha is a type of drink that is made from fermented black tea. During this fermentation process, the drink contains vitamins such as B, the C and amino acids benecial for health and digestion. 

If you want to keep your intestinal ora in good condition and also promote your health, you can include probiotics in your diet.


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