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4 tricks to keep your food fresh

At any time of year, it is important to know how to keep food fresh. So from Montsià rice, we are going to give you several tips to preserve food, so that it does not lose its properties or get damaged. 

1-Always keep an order: It seems silly, but each food must have its place to be conserved properly. In other words, vegetables and fruit -no bags for oxygen to enter- should go in their respective drawers, eggs on the fridge door and so on with all the products. Always try to position packaged products that expire earlier rst, so they do not stay at the bottom of the fridge.

2-Cleaning the fridge is important: Many times we ignore the most important thing. Once a month, at least, you should empty your fridge and clean it because there may be remains of other foods. Use a disinfectant and give it some time to act, since if there are still leftovers from other products, it can harm new foods.

3-If it is thawed, do not freeze it again: it is imperative not to break foods refrigeration chain. In other words, if a product is already defrosted, it is important not to put it back in the freezer because it loses its nutrients and because you would be keep a food with a higher microbial load.

4-Store the products correctly: Fish is one of the most easily spoiled foods. Before storing it in the fridge, clean it with water and salt. Then, dry with kitchen paper and wrap in a resealable plastic bag. When you have cleaned the sh, put it in the coolest part of the fridge and do not store it more than three days.

For sure, if you follow all these tips, you can get the most out of your food and its nutrients. Is there a trick you know and we have not explained?

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