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Discover the recycling bins with Monti

Teaching recycling is now easier and more fun than ever for children. Learn about recycling bins with Monti and take care of the planet!

It is important to make your children aware of the importance of recycling and keep the planet clean and prevent climate change from going further. Monti wants to continue working to maintain a sustainable and caring world.

An idea is create different games and activities that help encourage children to do the 3Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Re-use (Create toys with recycled materials, small prizes that encourage recycling ...)

What types of containers are there?

Yellow container. Inside this container only plastic containers should be thrown away (bottles, bags ...) and the metallic ones (cans, aluminum trays). It is important not to throw videotapes, CDs or all kinds of plastic toys.

Blue container. The blue container used exclusively for paper and cardboard how are food containers, frozen products, wrapping paper, everyday paper ... We recommend that you fold the containers to occupy less and remove any clips or staples that may be on the paper.

Green container. In the green container only glass should be thrown away, such as food bottles or jars. It is important, do not confuse glass with crystal since they do not go in the same container (ceniceros, light bulbs, glasses…).

Brown container. Inside this container only organic waste should be deposited. Organic remains are those that come from animal or plant origin (foods like fruits, meat or plants such as branches or owers) or scraps of paper and cardboard stained with grease or oil.

Gray container. Gray containers serve for general waste (Cookware, diapers, light bulb, broken toys ...) 

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