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How to prepare Christmas fir trees with puffed rice

Christmas is coming and we did not want to leave you without a special recipe for children: A Christmas fir made with puffed rice! 

Rice Christmas r is a very simple recipe that will be a good dessert, but it can also decorate your Christmas table. Do you dare to prepare it?

To make these Christmas fir trees we will need: 100 g. of Extra Montsià rice, 180 g of chocolate, 45 g. of butter, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 50 g. of icing sugar, Olive oil, 1/2 spoon of green food coloring and some coloured seeds.

First prepare six cardboard cones, about 10 cm long. and line them with greaseproof paper greased with olive oil. Add the butter and vanilla extract to a bowl and melt it at 60º for about 2 minutes. 

Below, to prepare the puffed rice, cook the rice for 20 minutes (a bit overcooked), strain it and place it on a tray to put it in the oven at no more than 80º for a couple of hours to dry well.

Once dehydrated, add it to the pan with a splash of oil and have fun watching the grains popping. Once you have the molds ready we will make the mixture to ll them. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or microwave and add the green colouring, slowly, until we get the tone you want. Place the mixture with the chocolate puffed rice and stir well.

You are almost there! Fill the paper molds with the mixture and place them in the fridge to harden. When they're cold, decorate them with the seeds and icing sugar

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