Arroz Montsià

The importance of being an EXTRA
rice with PDO Ebro Delta

Arroz Montsià

Surely you have seen that we often speak of Montsià Rice as a PDO product of the EXTRA category
We want to explain in more detail what makes us so proud of this rating, and why we can say that this is the highest category you can find on the market.

The EXTRA category is the best in terms of quality and implies that rice such as Montsià Extra rice with PDO has a percentage of perfect grains, without any type of defects, close to 100%.

If you take a walk through the shelf with rice in your supermarket, in addition to finding rice with and without PDO or monovarietal rice or mixtures, you will see rice that are identified as EXTRA, category I or category II. This classification determines the proportion of whole and perfect grains contained in each package of rice.
What is the difference then? The higher the proportion of whole grains, the better cooking and the absorption of flavours.

Each category, a colour

You will find the information about the categories on the back of the package.


At least 92.7% of the grains are whole and without defects, such as Montsià EXTRA Rice, Montsià BOMBA Rice or Montsià LONG Rice, among others.


86.5% of whole grains, that is, they work with up to 13.5% of broken or defective grains


79.75% of whole grains, that is, they can have up to 20.25% of grains broken or with defects. This category is not very common to find in sales points.

Therefore, if you want to have the best rice in your kitchen,
always remember that the EXTRA is above any other category.

PDO Ebro Delta

It is the name given to a food product that belongs to and is produced in the area of ​​the Ebro River Delta, which is part of Baix Ebre and Montsià regions, in the province of Tarragona.
To obtain this designation of origin, it is also key that the production, processing and even packaging work have been carried out in the same area of ​​cultivation and creation of the product, that is, in the Ebro Delta.
In Montsià, we have been dedicated for years to the cultivation and production of rice of the best quality, which together with the preservation of the natural wealth of the Ebro Delta and its Natural Park, give us the guarantee of a product protected by the Protected Designation of Origin Rice from the Ebro Delta, with the quality label or distinctive of by the Regulatory Council.

And you as a consumer,
How do you notice it?

Using EXTRA and monovarietal rice, your dishes and paellas are tasty and perfect in each bite, since all grains cook the same and absorb the flavour better than other rice dishes.
In addition, when you buy a PDO product, you choose the taste of the authentic, the indigenous and the well-done work of the farmers who are part of the cooperative. You enjoy a product that is much more than food.
That is why, when you cook Montsià Rice, you will know that you are tasting unique rice, with history and tradition, work, a cultural denominator and an extraordinary level of quality.

And now that you do know this,
do you dare to try any of our recipes?

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