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Original snacks with fruit for children

The snack is one of the most forgotten foods, but at the same time one of the most essential in infant feeding. Discover the 3 most original snacks with fruit for children.

Surely when children arrive home, they need a dose of energy. This is a good opportunity for them to have fruit and thus put aside the industrial pastries or processed snacks. For your children to have fruit, we propose you three simple ideas with fruit for healthy snacks that children will love.

1- Snail made with a banana. To prepare this funny snack you only need a whole banana, some blackberries and blueberries and a bagel, bread traditionally made from wheat our and usually with a hole in the centre. First, peel the banana and place it on a plate. Then, the blackberries will be the eyes of our snail and the bagel will recreate the shell. Easy and healthy! 

2- Fried egg with peach. You will only need one peach, half an apple and a yoghurt. Pour a creamy yoghurt on a plate and place a half peeled peach on top to recreate the fried egg. Then cut the apple into slices to make them look like French fries and… that's it!

3- Grape hedgehog. To recreate the hedgehog, you will need a pear, grapes, chocolate chips and toothpicks. This may be the most complex snack to prepare, but you can have it made in a moment. First, wash the fruit, cut the stem of the pear and peel it to recreate the body. Then, pierce each grape on a toothpick and stick them on top of the fruit. To recreate the nose, cut half a grape and stick it on one end of the pear and for the eyes add two chocolate chips.

In this way, children will have a healthy snack, complete and above all... very funny! 


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