Arroz Montsià

Monti prepares to go back to school

New year, new lesson! Monti already has everything ready to give flavor to the new edition of the Healthy Eating Program in different Catalan schools.

Monti, our nice rice grain, turn up again to explain the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet and the process of growing rice.

What does the activity consist of?

More than 180,000 students have participated in the program, but if you still don't know what it consists of... We'll be happy to tell you!

Càmara Arrossera of Montsià Educational Program is a completely free activity aimed at third-graders in Catalan schools. The activity, which can be taught virtually if the health context requires it, begins with the projection of a video, where Monti explains the process of cultivation and the preparation of rice in the Ebro Delta.

After that, we invite the children to participate in our essay contest, in which they will have to write an original and creative story, related to the world of rice. And also, a recipe or way to cook rice at home.
News from the Healthy Eating Program

This year, Monti returns with a renewed image. Has he been playing sports too? We love seeing her new look! And you?

That's not all! This year a USB stick will be sent with Monti's new video, more dynamic and current, in which he explains in a very entertaining way the process of growing rice, the importance of the wonderful environment in which it grows and why it is important in healthy eating.

From the Harvard dish to explain a balanced diet, we created the Healthy Montiplate, the method that calculates the right proportions to learn to eat well and healthy.

The best? This year, the prize grows!

A specialized jury will select 10 winners, who will enjoy together with their parents, an exciting weekend in the Ebro Delta with the expenses paid. This year the school of the winning student will receive a grant to buy school supplies, and in addition, the student’s mentors will also receive an incentive for their educational work.

In this way, we highlight the figure of the teacher and the schools, which are very important for our society, as they are a pillar of education and key pieces, not only in the pedagogical development of children, but also in their social skills.

Click here to read the legal bases of the "Rice Contest"

If you want your school to be part of or you are interested in receiving more information, contact us at

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