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Monti teaches you the main flora of the Delta

The Ebro Delta is one of the richest areas in flora. The diversity is so different that they even form great variety of ecosystems, like mountains, the river and the sea. 

Monti wants to show you the flora of the Ebro so that it is very easy for you to recognize it when you approach the Delta.

One of the most characteristic areas are the lagoons surrounded by hurdles and junks, salt marshes, beach areas with their dunes or riverside forests.

Salt marshalls are areas with plants that are very well adapted to salt, due to its proximity to the sea. In this territory are the barron (Ammophila Arenaria), a perennial plant of the familia of Poaceae. Another of the most characteristic plants is the dairy (Euphorbia Paralias), with overlapping leaves or tares (Tamarix gallica) with pinkish owers. 

The reed beds is the largest ecosystem in the Delta. It is characterized for being covered by water and by having one of the most signicant plants. The reeds (Phragmites communis), one of the most interesting habitats for small birds. Another vegetations of the reed beds are the reeds (Phragmites communis chrysanthus), a perennial plant with ability to grow with moderate levels of salinity in water and soil.

Monti could not forget the rice paddies. This area is the most significant in the Delta, with more than 21.000 hectares. The rice field and the presence of fresh water favours the proliferation of different organisms such as algae or crustaceans.

The diversity of the Delta is very extensive! We recommend you enjoy a family day to discover all its flora. 

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