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Natural and effective remedies to repel mosquitoes

The arrival of heat and summer implies that the dreaded mosquitoes appear. We bring you natural remedies to repel mosquitoes during this season of the year.

Mosquito bites can be repelled with chemical sprays, but today we want to focus on highly effective natural remedies that are non-polluting like the other products we have mentioned.

Types of natural remedies to repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes often bite some people more often than others. It might be because genetic factors, clothing colors, blood group or skin. Be that as it may, discover these 3 ecological tricks! 

Lemon and clove. One of the best known tricks is lemon and cloves. As its name implies, it consists of place half a lemon and some cloves in a container not to worry about these dreaded insects.

Basil and citronella. We all suffer that annoying buzz of mosquitoes in summer, and of the bites better not to talk. Is important to have basil and citronella in a warm place because these two plants do not tolerate cold very well and it is better to place it in a moist soil.

Transparent bag with water. One of the most curious but effective tricks is to ll transparent bags with water and hang them near the windows. to keep not only mosquitoes but also ies away.

This summer we recommend eating foods with vitamin B or C. And ... if you have already suffered a sting, you can use aloe vera or green tea to calm the itching.

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