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Lycopene: antioxidant benefits and properties

Lycopene, substance belongs to the carotenoid family like beta-carotene, it is presenting a good number of vegetables and fruits and has multiple properties and benefits. 

The main characteristic of lycopene is that it acts as a natural pigment and that is why it provides the red color in multiple fruits and vegetables how are the tomato, the grapefruit, blueberries or watermelon. But, Is it important to add it to our diet?

Lycopene benets and properties

If we talk about lycopene it is because it has many positive properties for your body and your health. Discover the main effects of lycopene for your body! 

Cardiovascular properties. Introducing lycopene to your diet helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition prevents heart attacks thanks to its action against oxidative stress, its anti-inammatory potential.

Properties anti-aging. Another benet of this antioxidant is the protection from ultraviolet rays and balancing sun damage on the skin. It also helps decrease age-related problems such as: increased risk of fractures or osteoporosis.

Ocular properties. Although I surprise you, its consumption also helps in protection against ocular degeneration, how can cataracts be, thanks to its powerful antioxidant that protects the walls of the capillaries that irrigate the eyes.

Antibacterial properties. This substance from the carotenoid family favors teeth and gums and thanks to its properties it contributes to the maintenance of oral health.

Including lycopene in your diet is important. Add the tomato in salads or juice and this summer… Don't forget watermelon! 

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