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How does sport influence emotions?

Sport influences our emotional processes so much, as well as in the motivation or the performance before a physical activity. 

The practice of routine exercise or sport helps improve our cognitive functions regardless of our age, sex or physical conditions. In fact, exercising produces multiple benets for our mental well-being.

How sport affects our emotions

At the time of starting to do sport to all the laziness always appears to us and we make excuses to leave it for later or for another day. No need to be an elite athlete or run thousands of miles a day, but if you do a little exercise you will favor endorphins, also known as the substances of happiness and you will feel better about yourself.

In this way, there are many psychologists who prescribe the practice of sport to people with symptoms of depression so that they can improve their quality of life. In addition, exercise also works as an element to distract us from everyday affairs such as work. Mainly, focusing too high makes us stop thinking about other tasks and in turn moderates the brain's response to stress. 

Practicing exercise will improve your physical condition and your self-esteem. Regardless of weight or age, as you play sports you manage to set goals and overcome certain goals. In this way, you will get to value yourself more and have a more positive perception of yourself.

Therefore, if you combine a healthy diet with physical exercise, will help you improve the quality of life, it will increase your self-esteem and reduce stress. So don't make any more excuses and start exercising as soon as possible. 

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