Arroz Montsià Extra



Eeextra, eeextra, we have the most versatile and tasty rice in the area!

Montsià Extra Rice is ideal for paellas, salads, accompaniment to meat and fish and also in the preparation of excellent rice-based desserts.

Recipes with rice Montsià Extra
Arroz Montsià Bomba



Boooomba! For soups and paellas this rice is a boooomba!

Montsià Bomba Rice is one of the favourites of the great chefs for the preparation of a wide variety of haute cuisine dishes such as soupy rice, paellas, etc.

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To make it, we always use the same select high-quality variety, with certified seed grown in the Ebro Delta, Montsià Bomba PDO Rice is characterized by its rounded shape and its pearly white colour, along with great resistance to cooking and liquid absorption capacity, two ideal conditions to better retain the flavours of the broth.
The Extra category of Montsià Bomba Rice also certifies the homogeneity of its grains to guarantee the best result in your recipes since they all need the same cooking time.
If you want to enjoy a tender and smooth bite to the palate, fully savouring all the ingredients on your plate, do not hesitate, Montsià Bomba Rice is the chosen one

Recipes with rice Montsià Bomba
Arroz Montsià Largo



Made with high quality long rice seeds grown in the Ebro Delta.

Montsià Long Rice is especially suitable for making salads or for garnishing, as it is ideal to enhance the flavour of main dishes.

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For its preparation, we always use the same select variety, which we grow in the Ebro Delta, and which is characterized by its elongated and white grain, together with a high content of amylase that gives it fluffiness and lightness to be looser once cooked.
The monovarietal category of Montsià Long Rice also certifies the homogeneity of its grains to guarantee the best result in your recipes since they all need the same cooking time.
When you need to quickly cook a rice for your salad or a good side, light and loose, that enhances the flavour of your dishes, Montsià Long Rice is your best ally

Recipes with rice Montsià Long RICE FROM DELTA
Arroz Montsià Integral



Yummy! This rice is the source of fibre, nutrients and flavour that best enriches realfooders’ kitchens.

Montsià Integral Rice is a highly appreciated rice used in salads, bowls, honeyed, risottos, desserts and many other balanced recipes thanks to its excellent health benefits.

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To make it, we always use the same variety, grown in the Ebro Delta, although the production process is different from other rice dishes, since we keep the bran shell and with it all its nutrients, hence it presents a darker grain, and once cooked it provides an interesting texture and flavour nuances.
In addition to fibre, Montsià Integral Rice contains antioxidant minerals and vitamins, which provide energy, contribute to the regulation of intestinal function and help maintain blood sugar levels.
So, if you are looking for a good base to cook rich, healthy and tasty dishes, with Montsià Integral Rice you will be right.

Recipes with rice Montsià Integral
Arroz Montsià Basmati



OHHMMM! The most precious and aromatic rice of the Himalayas brings the perfect oriental touch to your kitchen.

Montsià Basmati Rice is ideal for salads, as a garnish and especially for the preparation of Indian dishes and exotic recipes.

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It comes from a variety cultivated on the slopes of the Himalayas, and it is considered by experts as one of the most select long type of rice for its exquisite aroma, its light, loose texture and its unmistakable delicate flavour.
Montsià Basmati Rice is also lower in fibre and fat than other types of rice and, therefore, very easy to digest.
Whether you are looking for the best accompaniment for a curry stew or any Asian cuisine recipe, or if you want to give an oriental touch to your salads and poke bowls, with Montsià Basmati Rice your success is guaranteed.

Recipes with rice Montsià Basmati
Arroz Montsià risotto



Who says you have to go to Italy to prepare "OH MAMMA MIA" dishes?

Montsià Carnaroli Rice is the rice par excellence for the elaboration of authentic haute cuisine risottos, but it is also ideal for soupy rice dishes and endless dishes in which you need to get the most out of the flavour of the ingredients.

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It comes from a variety of rice seed native to Italy that we grow in the Ebro Delta, and which is characterized by its spongy and firm texture, which endures cooking while maintaining its shape and core always "al dente".
If you need high-quality rice that absorbs the flavours of your recipe well, do not overdo it, it is homogeneous, creamy and consistent, the Montsià Carnaroli Rice is your safe bet. Capisci?

Recipes with rice Montsià Carnaroli
Arroz Montsià vaporizado


The most practical and easy-to-cook rice

Montsià Parboiled Rice is especially suitable for side dishes, salads and loose rice dishes.

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To make it, we use a select variety that we grow in the Ebro Delta and that we submit to a special high-pressure process to melt the grain with its shell and, thus, maintain all its nutritional properties, improving its texture. The result is rice characterized by its long shape, its firm consistency and its characteristic golden colour.
Montsià Parboiled Rice contains more fibre and vitamin B, it cooks quickly and at the same time supports more cooking time, always remaining loose and with whole grains.
If due to lack of time or practicality, you want to solve your recipes with a good point of texture and flavour, without worrying about the cooking time, Montsià gives you the perfect solution with its Montsià Parboiled Rice.

Recipes with rice Montsià Steamed 
Licor Arroz Montsià

Licor HEART of Rice

The cream of the liquors! The only made with the Montsianell seed.

The Rice Cream Liquor of the Delta de Arroz Montsià, soft, aromatic subtly sweet, is made with rice grown by our rice farmers in the Delta del Ebro Natural Park.

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Its exquisiteness and excellence are due both to the quality of its main ingredients and to the traditional method of natural maceration used.

For its preparation, we always use the same selected seed, Montsianell, grown in the Ebro Delta, and which is characterized by its beautiful pearly white color and its light, tasty and pleasant tasting.

Oir Rice Cream Liqueur from the Delta de Arroz Montsià is the ideal spirit for all those who appreciate the art of after-dinner. It is perfect as a digestive after a good meal or dinner or as a drink accompanied by nuts or sweets. And it is also a highly appreciated ingredient in dessert recipes!

It is taken alone, cold (ideal temperature 5 ° C-8 ° C) and also with ice cubes, ideally in a glass or wide-mouthed glass to enjoy the balance of its flavours. 


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