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The most typical Delta sweets

The gastronomy of the Ebro Delta is infinite. Although the star ingredient is rice, this area of Catalonia can perfectly boast of many sweets that will make mouthwatering.

Do you want to know what they are? We show you!

Brossat pie

Brossat pie, as the name suggests, it is a coca made with olive oil, milk and sugar. The peculiarity of this sweet is that once the cake is cooked, cover and gratin with a brossat, which is a kind of cottage cheese. Once it comes out of the oven, you can decorate the toad to your liking, although it is usually made with pine nuts.

Apple pie

If brossat pie is a sweet star of the Delta, apple pie can also shade it. This pie it is customary to elaborate when San Juan arrives, since it coincides with the collection of the native apple of the area. This cake is prepared with our, eggs and sugar, and it covers, unlike brushing coke, with apple pieces. 


Boxes, a very typical sweet of the main festivals of the Delta, it is made mainly with egg and almond. This dried pasta, sweet and ne texture made with egg and toasted almonds, it should be baked in the oven and place it inside a paper capsule. 

Sagí pie

Sagí pie is a sweet made from a dry and crunchy paste that is made with butter, what is sagí, sugar, our and eggs. Like the boxes, the coqueta is a traditional sweet of the major festivals.


Panoli is a small pie, round, at and crispy. Like other typical sweets of the area, it is also prepared with our, olive oil, anise, sugar and muscat. 

These are a small representation of the variety of sweets that the Ebro Delta has. Now you just have to try them! 

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