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3 ideal rice salads for this summer

Summer arrives and with it one ofits star dishes such as rice salads.This dish that has a high nutritional value, itis very easy to prepare and has many varieties.

Although they are generally taken more in summer, rice salads are perfect for any time of the year. You can prepare them with a little protein, for example chicken, tuna, or a little vegetables.

From Montsià rice we will present different varieties for enjoy a healthy and perfect recipe in case guests come home.

3 perfect salads for this summer

-Rice salad with chicken, asparagus and corn. To prepare this salad we will only need a little rice, roast the chicken and add the white asparagus and corn. To give it a little avor you can season it to taste and you can serve it as a main dish or starter. To give it a little avor you can season it to taste and you can serve it as a main dish or starter.

-Integral rice salad, melon and sesame. One of the bestknown fruits of the summer is melon, so we have found the perfect combination to beat the heat. While cooking integral rice, you can cut the melon and add diced tomato. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve.!

-Rice and octopus salad al pesto. If you choose a more formal option, this salad is perfect. You will need a very tender octopus and you can combine it with a long rice so that the combination with the pesto sauce is perfect. Other options are, for example, adding avocado and salmon.

Be that as it may, you also nd the perfect combination this summer! But, don't forget the star ingredient: rice. 

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