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4 foods you need to have a summer full of energy

A frugal meal in summer is always good but we must take into account what we eat and our hydration. If we don't do it the right way, our body will start to feel tired and lacking energy.

It is important to know which foods are correct to enjoy their nutritional value and to give us a summer full of energy.

What foods should I eat in summer to have energy?

-Fruits and vegetables. In general, when temperatures rise, seasonal fruits are usually eaten more, since they have more water and many vitamins or minerals. A clear example are watermelon or melon. There are also a great variety of vegetables perfect for summer such as lettuce or cucumber, ideal to accompany your salads.

-Soups and creams. They are a star dish in summer and really very easy to prepare. The best known dish is gazpacho or salmorejo, which have vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Other creams can be made with fruits such as melon, watermelon or tomato juice. They are ideal dishes for dinner!

-Cereals. A good idea for our body to absorb energy is to take advantage of breakfast to have bread or whole grain cereal. In this way, we will get our body to obtain the correct nutritional value in the morning to face the day.

-Lean meats and white fish. During the summer it is often difficult for us to eat protein due to excess heat. Lean meat such as chicken or white fish such as cod or hake will help us provide the necessary protein.

This summer, face it with a lot of energy taking the right and necessary foods for your body.


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