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5 ideas for a healthy mid-morning snack

Before lunch or dinner, you may want to stop by the supermarket for a snack. It is not a bad choice as long as you bet on healthy ideas that do not deviate from a balanced and complete diet.

If you are reading this article it is because you are one of those who like to snack between hours and you are looking for a healthy option. If you are one of those who tend to eat snacks between mealtimes, opt for a balanced option, which regulates your hunger and is not copious.

Whether you’re sweet or savory or mid-morning or snack, don’t worry. At Montsià rice we have selected some healthy snacks to eat between meals, either at home or in the office. Let's find out!

Five meals a day

The ideal is to distribute food at breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner, to avoid spending many hours on an empty stomach.

But sometimes eating 5 times a day with the necessary amounts of fruits and vegetables to boost our physical and mental health can be difficult. How many times we eat a day is just as important as quality and deciding what to eat. If you opt for a healthy diet, we advise you to set aside the ultra-processed products and opt for snacks that provide you nutrients.

Healthy snacks to snack on between hours

If we think of snacks, we usually get the image of the food vending machines we find in the office, on the street or subway stations. These machines usually offer us pastries, chocolate bars, chips or sugary drinks. We will offer you another type of snack, healthier and more complete.

Vegetable sandwich

If you are more salty than sweet, you can prepare a vegetable sandwich. There are thousands of possibilities! You can combine wholemeal bread with lettuce and pepper to provide doses of antioxidants and add a little cheese. Set aside the sauces and season with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Yogurt and red fruits

If you do not like cooking, this option is ideal to take both in the morning and in the afternoon in the office or at home. Yogurt with red fruits will provide vitamins, minerals and fiber, as well as calcium and probiotics that will aid digestion.

Oatmeal and banana cookies

Surely in the nearest supermarket or grocery store you will find prepared oatmeal and banana cookies, but better if you cook them yourself. Take a banana and after crushing it, mix it with oatmeal and make small shapes on a tray. Place in the oven for 15 minutes and you're done!

Banana and kale smoothie

Do you dare to try this combination? If you combine fruit with vegetables, you will get potassium with minerals and fiber. This smoothie will provide energy to face your day to day, you can also combine it with raw or toasted nuts and without salt.

Toast with carrot pate

Want to try something different? Discover this recipe! Carrot pate toast is great for mid-morning. First cook some peeled and rolled carrots for 15 minutes and grind them with a blender. Then combine them with a cereal bread to get an extra dose of energy.

Which one do you prefer? Try all the snacks and enjoy eating between hours in a healthy way!

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