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The top 5 brain foods for studying and exams

It's time for exams and for this reason is essential to have a good diet with foods that improve our cognitive ability and performance.

If you are a student, your diet plays a key role when the study periods begin. Depending on the foods you eat, their nutrients can positively or negatively influence your concentration and performance.

Montsià rice want to offer you some tips and tricks to promote and improve your cognitive ability from a healthy diet. In this way you will positively influence your memory.

Tips to improve your study

In our day to day life it seems complicated, but it is not difficult to follow a healthy diet. It is important to consider 4 factors to facilitate your study:
  • Healthy diet: do not eat anything we find in the fridge.
  • Hydrate yourself: drink water and not stimulant drinks.
  • Rest the necessary hours: setting a routine and going to bed while reading a book will help your concentration and study.
  • Physical activity: playing sports promotes blood flow throughout the body, including the brain.

Foods that can’t be missed if you’re on exams

Foods that will help your memory and cognitive function cannot be missing from your weekly menu. Want to know what they are? Discover them!

Green. We love green food

Vegetables rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, minerals, and vitamin K help keep your mind active and facilitate concentration. An example is spinach, kale or broccoli.

Bet on healthy snacks

Nuts are a perfect snack for the exams season. Thanks to its high content of Omega-3, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and fiber improve memory and increase concentration. An example might be the walnuts.

Carbohydrates and if they are whole grains ... better!

Brown rice, pasta or bread contain glucose levels which are released gradually, promote the active mind and increase memory function. Also, if they are whole carbohydrates, fiber will help keep glucose from falling sharply. A brown rice with broccoli, carrot and avocado is a perfect choice.

Don’t forget proteins

Protein-rich foods provide satiety. Protein is on the one hand meat, which is rich in zinc and iron, and on the other hand, blue fish that contains a high level of Omega-3. Salmon, tuna or red meat will help you study more efficiently.

Fruit and chocolate dessert

There are many fruits that promote concentration. Bananas, thanks to potassium and vitamin C or blueberries, with antioxidants, slow down cell damage caused by free radicals. Opting for these fruits with a piece of 70% cocoa dark chocolate will help improve the quality of your studio.

Opt for these foods and avoid sweets, hearty meals or drinks with an excess of caffeine. This will help your mind, performance and concentration.

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