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5 ideas for your summer recipes with rice

The street burns in the setting sun ... and yes! The long-awaited summer has arrived and with it also the expected intensive day.

Even if that means going out at a time when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk of the street, it also means a wonderful afternoon ahead (let's pretend we ignore the rest of the responsibilities, what is summer, come!)

Whether or not you are one of the lucky ones to enjoy a few more hours of freedom a day, we want to propose some summer recipes to prepare you tuppers, easy, healthy and tasty that will make you face the afternoons as if every day were Friday. Take note!

Integral rice salads, with fruits and seeds

Fresh and healthy, these options are the simplest and most effective. Integral rice takes a little longer to cook, but it has a greater source of fiber and nutrients. The fruits, like melon or strawberries (and even the tomato), they will give you that sweet and refreshing touch while the chia seeds, sesame or just some pipes, will contribute taste and texture. If we want it to have a little protein, it will be enough for us to add a few cubes of ham, tuna or fresh cheese.

Black rice, legumes and a marine touch

Because cold black rice is also delicious. Combine it with a base of caviar and cuttlesh lentils or mussels. As a condiment, run away from the classic allioli and make a soft basil homemade mayonnaise. You will have a plate left over from the sea to be the envy of the ofce. Don't forget to prepare it with a good stock and the Extra or the Bomba of Montsià!

Poké salad

The Poké Salads o Poké Bowls they are the new tropical sensation among summer recipes: super fresh and colorful salads that allow you to combine multiple ingredients but usually keep one element in common: raw or marinated fish. But we will tell you a secret: you don't have to be from Hawaii to do them.

Using our Montsià long rice and a few fresh foods from the market you can feel in the heart of Honolulu with your homemade Poké Salad. Combines rice, avocado slices, kale, sesame, carrot or zucchini and tuna or salmon in tacos and you will see what a richer and fresher recipe. 

Chicken or beef curry, with mushrooms, dried fruits and basmati

Use basmati flavored with lime or lemon and sauté it with some nuts and mushrooms, it will taste like glory!

*Advice to improve your container: leaves the sauce quite liquid, because when it cools it thickens. In this way, when you eat it the next day, the texture will be just right.

And to finish the list of summer recipes…

Rice pudding and strawberries flan!

It's summer and there's always a little room for sin. We suggest you go beyond a simple rice pudding and add some gelatin leaves, pour into molds and garnish with strawberries, juice of these and some mint leaves. Yum!

As you see, the possibilities are endless and if you want a good recommendation, so that your tupper looks irresistible and appetizing despite the time that has passed since you have prepared it, use quality rice and choose each variety depending on the type of recipe.

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