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Discover the amazing benefits of practicing yoga

Yoga is one ofthe disciplines that more people have joined in recent years.Why? Because it is a complete practice with multiple benefits with which to exercise body and mind.

Yoga has gone from being a practice to a lifestyle that strengthens the body, the mind thanks to the asanas (postures) breathing and meditation. Although its origins are not very dened, some historians and archaeologists agree that this discipline was born more than 5000 years in the area of what we know today as India, as a system to preserve balance, peace and harmony.

There are more than a hundred types and styles that derive from Hatha Yoga, one of the most dynamic. There are more spiritual, like Kundalini Yoga, or more physical and demanding, like Bikram Yoga, that is practiced in a warm room. 

What are the benefits of yoga?

1. Reduces anxiety and stress. If you dare and decide to start practicing this discipline, you will see that it will improve your mood and your feeling of general well-being.

2. Help you sleep better. Yoga is an excellent treatment to avoid insomnia, since practicing it you get to relax the body and mind. In this way you will surely rest better at night!

3. Strengthen your body. If you have a dened musculature, you will not only help improve your body, but also you will protect the bones and avoid injuries and possible diseases such as arthritis.

4. Increase exibility. If you start in the world of yoga, don't worry about exibility because one of its advantages is that deep breaths will make stretching easier. In fact, this discipline helps teach you how to breathe correctly.

Enter to the world of yoga and start listening to your body to improve your inner and outer health and well-being!

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