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Discover vitamin D foods and how to take it

The main vitamin D source is the sun, but there are many foods of high-vitamin D that will provide multiple benefits to your body.

Vitamin D is essential for the body to function properly. In addition, has great properties how to keep bones healthy and strong, it has great properties such as keeping healthy and strong bones, controlling hypertension and helping to protect us from colds.

As said, the best vitamin D source is the sun. In fact, 15 minutes of sun exposure are enough to absorb the necessary nutrients the body needs. It is important to consider vitamin D from food because large part of population experiences a deficiency of it or problems absorbing it.

What foods contain vitamin D?

Rice. It is one of the most produced cereals in the world and it is important to add it to your diet because it contains excellent nutritional properties. Rice is a vitamins and minerals source which helps the body and the immune system function properly.

Eggs. Eggs contain large amount of proteins and essential amino acids. Mainly in the eggs yolks is where more vitamin D is concentrated. If rice and eggs are one of the foods with the most vitamin, why don't we prepare a Cuban-style rice?

Milk products. Vitamin D is also present in products such as milk, yogurts or cheese, as they help bone development.

Blue Fish. Salmon, tuna, anchovies or sardines are a vitamin D, protein and Omega 3. Including oily fish in your dishes is easy, you can combine it with vegetables to complete your diet.

If we combine sun exposure with vitamin D food, your body will be able to absorb the levels of vitamin D that the body needs.

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