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El batch cooking: an upward trend

The week starts and sometimes you don't have time to cook or eat healthy. That's because you don't know batch cooking, a trend in the kitchen that will help you organize.

Batch cooking is a process that will help improve your diet and time. This trend allows cook all the dishes of the week in a few hours and optimizing resources.

Benefits of batch cooking

The first benefit and, for us, the most important it is a balanced diet. If during one morning you prepare all the meals of the week, your diet will be much healthier and you will stay away from ultra-processed or fast food.

The time is gold. The good thing about batch cooking is that we save a lot of time organizing in the kitchen, since we spend a few hours to prepare the week's meal.

The economic part. Another advantage of this trend is that we save money, as we put aside the ultra-processed ones that are not usually very cheap. In addition, we save energy and it also helps us not to waste food because we can cook the food that we have left, to eat another day. This way, we always buy what is necessary.

How to organize the batch cooking of the week?

The first thing we will need is to prepare a weekly menu. How we don't want to waste food, it is advisable to choose two or three proteins, legumes, various vegetables and some carbohydrate.

Before cooking, We recommend making a list to not buy more and prioritize fresh or seasonal foods. Once you have everything ready, It only remains to cook the dishes, label them and store them in the fridge or freezer.

This way, you can enjoy seasonal products and a balanced diet, complete and healthy.

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