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Do you know what açaí is?

If you discover all the benefits of açaí, you will not hesitate to add this fruit to your diet. Discover all the properties that it can offer you!

Fruit and rice bowls are in fashion! Surely walking down the street or on social networks you have seen a place where they prepare exquisite fruit bowls in which a purple base is found. That striking color is provided by the açaí!

What is the açaí?

Acai is one berry very similar to blueberries. It is the fruit of a palm tree that grows only in the wild, in the rainforest in northern Brazil. This berry, which it is usually consumed in powder, it is very fleshy and it has a very peculiar flavor and with multiple benefits. In fact, It is a food that indigenous tribes included in their diet and has now become known worldwide.

Benefits and properties of açaí

1. Antioxidant: It is able to protect cells from the attack of free radicals.
2. Nutritious: It is a food with a lot of protein and amino acids, vitamins and a high amount of minerals (zinc, iron).
3. Energetic: This fruit is very good for athletes because it satisfies and offers a lot of vitality and energy.

Recipe of açaí with rice and fruit

To prepare one of these delicious bowls we will need:

– 1 cup of Montsià Largo Rice
– Fruits to taste (raspberries, coco)
– 2 cup of coconut milk
– ½ cup of agave honey
– 4 cups of water
– 200 g. of açaí

First we boil the 4 cups of water and add the Montsià Largo Rice, Add the coconut milk and the cup of agave honey over low heat a few 17 minutes.

Then we liquefy the açaí, a banana and two tablespoons of rice until it has a thick consistency and we add it in a bowl. We decorate with more rice, raspberries and shredded coconut and voila!

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