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How to plate a rice to make it look on your table

They say that food enters through the eyes and although it sounds clichéd, we know it's true. We are sure that you are an expert in cooking.

But, despite that, We want to teach you four simple tricks to know how to put a good rice on your table so you can show yourself this Christmas.

Rice is an ingredient with which you can make multiple cheap recipes, very tasty and easy to serve. 

Kitchen mold

The easiest way is use a kitchen pan, either round, square or rectangular. You only have to place one of these molds on a plate, add the rice with an extra amount to compact it and thus keep the shape you want.

In the frying pan itself

Although it sounds silly, it is not. One of the latest trends in gastronomy is to serve the dish itself in the same paella or in a small skillet, iron and with a decorative touch. With this little trick, surely you light your table

Deep plate with small portions

Another way to look good rice is place a small portion on a large plate of colors or a deep plate. Although it seems surreal and many are not convinced, visually you will see that it is the most ideal way to prepare a sweet rice.

Wood plank

You don't necessarily have to plate a rice in a pan. A good alternative is to give an original and creative touch to your dish, wearing it on top of a wooden board. Taking advantage of kitchen molds, you can place your star plate in different circular shapes on top of a small wooden tray, like you're a real chef.

With well decorated dishes, a few small molds, or just giving it a creative touch, You will be able to hallucinate all your relatives this Christmas. 

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