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Spring allergy in children: symptoms and tips

We are already in the middle of spring! Flowers appear,The good weather arrives and also...the feared seasonal allergies! How do children face them? 

Spring allergy is the reaction the body has against an element that it considers harmful. One of these substances is usually the pollen that plants spread.

How do seasonal allergies affect children?

You must take into account that allergies usually appear already in childhood and is hereditary. Some allergies are easy to recognize because they follow the same pattern, but some others are more difcult to detect.

It is important not to confuse them with a common cold, It is very common that, in spring, due to temperature changes, your children catch a cold. It is true that symptoms are similar: dry cough, nasal congestion, redness of the eyes or throat clearing, so it is important to do a routine check. In spring and autumn, allergies are more frequent in children since they are more exposed to dust that contains particles such as pollen, fungi or pets. 

What can I do to help them?

We offer you a series of recommendations and tips that will help your children to better carry seasonal allergies:
  • To prevent pollen from entering home, close windows and doors at home.
  • Try not to go outside with children during the early morning and late afternoon, since they are the strong moments of pollination.
  • If you do a family excursion by car, also try to keep windows up and check that your child does not sit or play too much on the grass.
  • Clean your child's bedding at least once a week and try not to dry it outdoors so that the pollen does not get into it.

With these tips and along with the guidelines of the pediatrician or pharmacist, your children will surely enjoy spring.

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