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Tricks to balance children's dinners

If every night you have a little dilemma when it comes to cooking your children's dinners… We are going to give you some tricks to balance your children's dinners with the school menu. 

If your children eat at school, you will know what is the daily menu they have. So, it is very important to balance the school menu with dinners at home. 

Although dinner should always be lighter, it is important that it also gives them energy. So, the two meals should be made up of the same food groups: vegetables, carbohydrates some protein and a fruit or dairy dessert.

From this scheme, and playing a lot with variety, we will have to change the different nutrients. In other words, if at school lunchtime they have had macaroni, beef and an apple; at night we recommend preparing a vegetable cream, baked sh and a dairy, for example a yoghurt.

Besides this trick, keep in mind that not all food has to be eaten the same number of times. You should know that it is important that your children take 3 daily fruit servings, 2 of vegetables and between 2 and 4 dairy rations.

When it comes to proteins, it is recommended that they consume lean meats and fish between 3 and 4 weekly servings and it is extremely importante to limit pastries and sausages.

At dinner time, try to avoid a high-calorie dish so digestion is lighter. One trick is to avoid fried meals and opt for grilled or baked products. In addition, it is important that you help your child understand why they has to eat everything.

The most fun and easy way is to learn it is from the nutritional pyramid.

If you can give children a balance between the school menu and dinner at home, you will help the whole family have a healthy diet, balanced and complete. 


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