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Tricks to prepare a cardiovascular diet

The best advice you can hear if you want to follow a cardiovascular diet is to have a Mediterranean diet. Nevertheless, there are little tricks that will help you improve your heart health.

Changing eating habits is complicated, but if we do not opt for a daily routine it can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Adapting your diet to these 4 tricks that we are going to give you, will help improve your heart health.

Control the portions! Sometimes we are not aware, but one of the most important tips is to control the amounts you eat. What you can do is take larger portions of low-calorie foods and smaller portions of foods with salt or unhealthy fats.

Eat fruits and vegetables. We know that it has been repeated many times, but it is important to take 5 some pieces of fruits and vegetables every day. One recommendation is that when you cook vegetables, avoid pre-cooked or packaged because they are high in salt. You can steam them and add a splash of olive oil.

​Do not eat too much unhealthy fats. Do not forget to reduce saturated fats because they can affect your cholesterol and that will affect your arteries. If your cholesterol level is high, platelets can build up in your arteries and lead to a heart attack. You can try lean meats if you do not want to cut meat out from your diet. 

Salt does not help. The abuse of any food is not good and excess salt can affect your heart health. It is important that you limit your salt intake to 3 grams daily and keep in mind that there are many foods with salt such as bread, sauces, cheeses or pre-cooked products.

If you are adapting your diet from the tips we have given you, you will discover a healthier diet that will help improve your cardiovascular health. 


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