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4 superfoods to combine with rice

Certain foods are becoming, the basis of many diets for its positive effects. We are talking about famous superfoods.

Diet is changing recently due to the constant information we receive and among the wide variety there are superfoods. These foods have entered our lives to improve our body from their nutrients.

What is a superfood?

The main superfoods goal is to provide the human body with all the necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Let's not forget that they are low in calories and antioxidants, which can strengthen our body's immune system and reduce the risk of disease.

Which are the ideal superfoods to combine with rice?

There is an extensive list, we have compiled those superfoods that are ideal to combine with rice. They will surprise you!

Ginger. It is fresh and rich in essential amino acids and vitamins, which can help you to reduce stress, migraines and sore throats. It is an excellent partner against nausea and promotes good digestion. You can mix ginger with rice and turmeric to prepare a dish full of color and characteristic flavor.

In a frying pan we heat olive oil, add lemon peel, ginger, turmeric and lemon juice. Season and stir everything until a mixture is left. We add Montsià Extra Rice cup already cooked for 17 'and we mix it over low heat until the rice is dyed the yellow colors that the spices give it.

Spirulina. It is a greenish blue seaweed type with a large source of protein, vitamins and minerals, so it stands out for its high nutritional value.

You can prepare a rice with spirulina the easy way. First chop onion and sauté it a little and then add the rice and spirulina seaweed. We mix it a little and add 2 glasses of water to cook the Montsià Extra Rice cup together around 17'.

Goji Berry. It has a high antioxidants content, in addition to strengthen the immune system and lower cholesterol levels, they can also help prevent diseases that affect the heart. You can prepare a rice salad with grapes, licorice goji berry powder delicious and very easy to cook.

Just boil Montsià Integral Rice cup, goji berries and grapes for about 30'. Then mix it everything, add pumpkin seeds and sprinkle some licorice powder. 

Chia. It is considered an excellent herb to fight high cholesterol and prevent infections. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, hypotensive, digestives and vitamins.

Would you like to eat rice with vegetables and chia? In a saucepan, add a Montsià Extra Rice cup together with two water cups to cook for about 12’ . Chop peppers and chives into julienne cut and sauté it to mix with the rice.

Superfoods are very easy to integrate into your diet. We have shown you 4 easy and simple recipes but there are thousands of combinations. Feel free to prepare them!

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