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Everything you need to know about mindfoodness

Knowing our diet, what our body needs and when you have to change our eating habits can bring us many benefits. Discover the mindfoodness principles!

If you are one of those who have breakfast in a hurry and standing up while looking at your mobile or sometimes eating in front of the computer while answering emails or calls, we are going to recommend only one thing: STOP!

Paying attention to the amount of food and chewing well may seem nonsense but they are principles that end up influencing our health. And that's where mindfoodness comes in.

If we are aware of what we eat and pay attention to what our body experiences (hunger, thirst, anxiety ...), it will help us to enjoy food and eat healthier and more slowly.

Mindfoodness is a state of mind, a constant training to achieve self-control, the connection with food and the ways to fully enjoy it. But how do you get it?

Keys to mindfoodness
  • Recognize the signals of your body. By taking a few minutes to determine how you're feeling, you can avoid snacking between meals to calm your hunger and eat better.
  • Eat without stress. Do not eat standing up or answering emails! It is important to have a good relationship with food and enjoy it without stress to take care of your body and mind in a healthy way.
  • Eat slowly. It will seem like the key that we just told you, but it is not. If you eat too fast, you won't notice when you are full, and your tendency will be to overeat.

Practice mindfoodness and savor every moment! Enjoy the food, smell, taste, texture ... to build a healthier bond with food. Think that you are taking care of yourself and make it a moment of calm.

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