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Discover the healthiest cuisines in the world

The culinary the world wealth is endless, but some cuisines are healthier than others. We review the 3 healthiest cuisines to enjoy and savor a complete diet at home or in a restaurant.

The healthiest gastronomies in the world cook mainly with vegetables and rarely with fatty or red meats. Are you ready to travel around the world? Get ready to savor the most delicious and healthy recipes!

1- Thai. Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world, because it uses ingredients full of colors and flavors, such as vegetables, spices or seafood that are used to accompany noodles or rice. In addition, the mixture of these foods have a therapeutic potential. A clear example is Tom Yum Goong soup, made with coriander and ginger which have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

2- Japanese. The basis of Japanese cuisine are vegetables, raw fish, seaweed, shellfish and rice. These ingredients are healthy, and, in addition, they are not seasoned with sauces or other ingredients that unbalance the diet. The Japanese tend to steam rather than fry the ingredients, so they include little fat. Yakisoba noodles, edamames, or sushi are just some of the top healthy and complete Japanese dishes.

3- Mediterranean. We have traveled around the world, but now it's time to go home. Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the healthiest gastronomy in the world due to the variety and quality of food (vegetables, cereals, seasonal products, dairy products, fruit, fish and the famous olive oil that provides healthy fats to the diet). A fresh rice green bean salad with some grilled salmon is an easy and simple way to eat a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

Regular physical exercise, followed by a Mediterranean diet, is a wonderful way to improve health and keep your body in shape.

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