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Weekly menu to strengthen your immune system

We help you prepare your menu with tips that reinforce the normal function of the immune system now that the cold, the rains and the change of season are coming.

To help your defenses, a healthy lifestyle is essential.

It is important to take into account 4 factors that significantly affect: diet, physical activity, rest and avoiding the consumption of harmful substances.

Following a complete, balanced and healthy diet strengthens your immune system thanks to the nutrients provided by food. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics will help improve your defenses!

Foods that help your defenses

The key to maintaining a healthy body free of colds is to bet on varied, complete and balanced products and nutrients.

We teach you 3 keys to keep in mind when preparing your meals and dinners. In this way, it will be easier for you to organize yourself:

A balanced dish

A plate is balanced when it contains greens and vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Among the carbohydrates we find, for example, rice, pasta, potatoes and all cereals.

On the other hand, in terms of proteins, we find meats, fish, eggs, legumes and nuts. And as healthy fats, olive oil should be the main or exclusive fat for cooking and dressing your meals, and better if it is extra virgin. Olive oil is a key food in the Mediterranean diet.

Vitamins are the pillar of your defenses

Vitamins are essential for the development and functioning of our body. Although the best known is C, there are multiple essential vitamins to maintain a strong immune system (Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin D) and all of them can fe found in fruits and vegetables such as citrus, carrots tomato or dairy, nuts and olive oil, among others.

Minerals also contribute

The key minerals to strengthen your defenses and to have a good antibody response are selenium, zinc and iron. If you want to add these minerals to your diet, you can find them in meat, fish, shellfish or nuts.

Example of a weekly menu to strengthen your immune system

Now that we know the keys to healthy eating, let's discover how we can add them to a weekly menu.

  • Breakfast: infusion, bowl of blueberries with yogurt and walnuts.
  • Mid-morning: whole wheat cheese mini sandwich
  • Lunch: steamed vegetables and potato, turkey skewer, banana.

  • Dinner: lentil, onion and tomato curry, and yogurt.


  • Breakfast: whole wheat mini sandwich with tomato, olive oil and turkey.

  • Mid-morning: apple and nuts

  • Lunch: arugula, quinoa and walnut salad, rabbit with vegetables, yogurt

  • Dinner: cauliflower cream, baked salmon, tangerine.


  • Breakfast: yogurt with granola, fruit and dark chocolate topping.

  • Mid-morning: orange

  • Lunch: green salad, rice with hake loins, grapes.

  • Dinner: noodle soup, beef steak with chard, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: coffee with milk, toast with avocado and olive oil.

  • Mid-morning: figs with walnuts.

  • Lunch: peas sautéed with vegetables, grilled squid, yogurt with pieces of strawberry.

  • Dinner: omelette with spinach, wild asparagus and turmeric, orange.


  • Breakfast: infusion, whole grains with milk or vegetable drink.

  • Mid-morning: yogurt with pear.

  • Lunch: Swiss chard with chicken and brown rice, citrus fruit salad.

  • Dinner: pumpkin cream with carrot and yogurt.


  • Breakfast: toast with tomato, olive oil and ham and coffee with milk.

  • Mid-morning: pineapple slices.

  • Lunch: apple salad with walnuts, pasta with vegetable ratatouille, kiwi.

  • Dinner: artichokes with ham and chopped parsley, cod, pear.


  • Breakfast: kefir with blueberries, toast with avocado, 2 tangerines.

  • Mid-morning: apple

  • Lunch: spaghetti with mussels, tomato and oregano, cuttlefish with green salad, pear.

  • Dinner: green salad with natural tuna, pizza with pepper, mushrooms and onion, persimmon.

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