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Why is it important to consume local products?

More and more consumers are choosing to buy local products. But what singularity do these products have? 

The concept determines that food proximity is seasonal and, especially, that has short distance between cultivation and consumption. KM 0 concept goes hand in hand with proximity products, it is that type of proximity commerce in which there are no more than 100 kilometers from the crop to the point of sale.

All these types of products are always characterized by their freshness, quality and because they are seasonal. In addition, there are usually few intermediaries between the point of origin and the end, since the distance between these is quite short. 

Why are they important for the environment? 

If you choose to consume local products, you opt for a quality guarantee. Knowing where the foods you eat come from also provides greater condence because they are freshly prepared or collected products. It is not only important that they are seasonal and fresh foods, but also good for the environment.

This type of food is more sustainable because it consumes less energy costs (water and electricity) and, therefore, CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition, Another environmental reason is that it also helps the conservation of native species in danger of disappearing.

Behind these products, like our rice, there are companies with social and environmental conscience that try to bet on a better world. 

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