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Do you know which is the best rice to cook?

If you are one of those who when you are in the rice aisle of your supermarket, you do not know which one to choose because there is too much variety ... Don't worry! Not all rice are the same! We explain what rice you have to use in each recipe and why Montsià rice is the best rice to cook.

Rice is a food that is usually always in the pantries of the homes of our country and the entire Mediterranean area. This ingredient has a lot of versatility, it can be prepared as a main dish or as a side dish. But is there the perfect rice for all dishes?

Varieties for all tastes ... and recipes!

There are more than 40,000 types of rice in the world that provide energy, strengthen the immune system and help intestinal transit. Among all these varieties, we show you which rice to use in your favorite recipes.

Paella. It is one of the star dishes of our gastronomy and one of the most cooked rice recipes. For paella there is a duality, the Levante area is committed to cooking it with Bomba rice, while other areas prefer preparing it with Extra rice. Bomba is characterized by its rounded shape and its pearly white color, together with a great resistance to cooking and liquid absorption capacity, while Extra is a versatile rice, of superior quality, and that also offers a good yield in any recipe. What do you prefer to cook paella? Bomba rice or Extra?

Risotto. We travel to Italy! Risotto is a creamy rice dish that should not be cooked with just any variety. Making a risotto with Carnaroli rice is the best option because it is characterized by its spongy and firm texture, which endures cooking while maintaining its shape "al dente". It is a high-quality rice that absorbs the flavors well, does not pass, remains homogeneous, creamy and consistent. Although Carnaroli is the most common variety for preparing risottos, there are also other perfect ones such as Arborio.

Arròs Montsià Carbassa

Salads. In summer we usually eat many more salads because they are light, healthy and complete. For rice salads, we can use Long rice because it has consistency and flavor on its own. Another option is to bet on aromatic rice, such as Basmati, for its exquisite aroma, its light texture and its unmistakable delicate flavor that makes us move to exotic places. In addition, it is lower in fiber and fat than other rices and very easy to digest.

Rice with vegetables. Two of the most versatile rice are Extra and Integral rice, but for this recipe we opted for the Integral. The particularity of this variety is that it maintains the bran peel and with it all its nutrients, hence it has a darker colored grain, and once cooked it provides a texture and interesting flavor nuances. In addition to fiber, brown rice contains antioxidant minerals and vitamins, which provide energy. It is ideal for rich, healthy and tasty dishes!

Montsià rice, your ally in the kitchen

Montsià rice is the best rice to cook because most of our products are PDO of EXTRA category. Using Montsià Rice, the grains cook the same and absorb the flavor better than other rice dishes. So, your dishes will be tasty and perfect.

In addition, at Montsià rice we have a wide range of rice to use each variety in its corresponding recipe. You can savor paellas with our Montsià Extra Rice, cook a good soup with Montsià Bomba Rice, discover Italy with Montsià Carnaroli Rice, prepare a salad with Montsià Long Rice or Montsià Basmati Rice or enjoy a diet rich in fiber with our Montsià Rice Integral. Discover all our products and spice up your recipes!

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