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Tips and recipes to cook for one

Are you one of those who lives alone and you do not know how to organize yourself? Do not worry! We bring you the best tricks and recipes to cook for one.

If you live alone, you cannot give up a healthy and varied diet. We already know that cooking for one person is sometimes lazy and just entering the kitchen becomes a mountain for us. If you order fast food, take out or pre-cooked food, it will surely be the fastest way but it is preferable that you cook yourself to follow a healthy diet.

Cooking a complete menu with a first and second plate is sometimes practically impossible, either due to lack of desire or time. A little trick is to make a single dish that is complete and nutritionally balanced. In this way, we will save time, save money and have a lighter dinner. Because generally when you have to cook it is usually at night, since during the day you are in the office.

Tricks to cook for just one

Offers always help

When you go to the supermarket it is essential that you control the expenses and the portions that you are going to buy. This way you will not waste money or waste food. Opt for non-perishable or late expiration products, products with a short expiration date but that you use regularly, or products that you can freeze to keep them properly.

Create menus and… give food a second life!

On Sundays you can choose to plan the dishes, shopping and menus for the week. To avoid wasting food, you can alternate day yes / day no. That is, if you eat hamburger with salad on Mondays, you can repeat the protein on Wednesday by cutting it into pieces and combining it with a delicious rice.

If you eat between meals ... make them healthy snacks!

Snacking is one of your worst enemies ... as long as the snacks you take are not healthy. If, after work, you come home and open a beer and snack on French fries, you probably don't want to have dinner. Error! Opt for nuts, fruit, or a mini snack.

The pantry can get you out of any trouble.

Rice, pasta or legumes are very versatile and easy-to-cook ingredients. If you are short of time and you need to eat something quickly, these foods together with asparagus or a vegetable stir fry can be delicious, balanced and complete dishes.

Recipe ideas to cook for just one

Dishes exist many, but today we bring you 5 ideas of recipes with rice to cook for just one. In the end, rice is a non-perishable food, easy to combine and measure in quantities. Ideal for your day to day!

Sauteed rice

Sauteed rice with peas and ham

If you want to enjoy a healthy and easy recipe to prepare in your day to day, we suggest you enjoy a sautéed rice with peas and ham.

Pumpkin rice

Pumpkin rice

Long Live the Seasonal Foods! To prepare this recipe we wanted to add one of the most characteristic vegetables of autumn: pumpkin. Pumpkin is a seasonal product that helps improve the cardiovascular and immune system thanks to potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It is a perfect ingredient to combine with rice!

Rice and lentil

Rice and Lentil Salad

Lack of time? A salad will always get you in trouble. You can eat fresh and healthy foods like lentils. So you can enjoy a round day!

Rice wok

Rice, chicken and vegetables wok

If you are dying to travel to China and enjoy a vegetable, rice and chicken wok… We leave you with this complete and easy recipe that has more than 2000 years of history!

Delta Poke bowl

Rice, Arugula, Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado, Yogurt and Sesame Sauce Delta Poke Bowl 

Who said rice was a boring ingredient? Enjoy original and balanced dishes. Break the routine with this delicious rice, arugula, hard-boiled egg, avocado, yogurt sauce and sesame Delta Poke Bowl.

Discover thousands of recipes to cook on your own ... there are many combinations and all of them are delicious!

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